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Welcome! You have probably wondered how Knickerbocker has become such a widely recognized name and how you might be related to such a famous tribe. Every Knickerbocker is related - the name was concocted by our common 17th century immigrant ancestor, Harmen Jansen Van Whye. This presents an almost unique opportunity for a single name family society, as everyone is connected. Hi Cousin!

This Web Site is presented in support of The Knickerbocker Historical Society - which is restoring the late 18th century Family Mansion at Schaghticoke, NY. The site was occupied by Knickerbockers for 250 years.

This site will also provide a repository of family information for anyone interested in the history and genealogy of the Knickerbocker Family.

For Information on All Future Mansion Events Please Visit -
Next Mansion Weekend Event

Summer Festival       10 :00 am-4:00 pm                     July 20

Civil War Encampment - Both Days  

 Mansion/Cemetery tours, Bake Sale, Charlotte’s Shop and Snack Bar - Both Days


Knickerbocker Family Gathering         8:00 am- 4:00 pm            July 21              

Pancake Breakfast –($6.00)                   8:00-10:00am

   Special Civil War Dinner  ($10.00)                      Noon


Dave Knickerbocker sent this link to a half hour video of Stana talking
about The Mansion and the on-going restoration. 

Knickerbocker Historical Society - Mansion  Restoration - Schaghticoke, NY

 Knickerbocker Genealogy - Databases, Genealogies, Queries and Whatever

 Family History and Traditions - What's this Knickerbacker stuff anyhow?

 The background image on this page represents the Historic Witenagemot Oak that stood on the Schaghticoke Mansion grounds. This site was updated on June 1, 2013