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Yes – We are all related! The fun part is proving it. 


“Mug Books”


The period from the centennial celebration in 1876 to about 1920 saw histories and biographical sketches of the “Leading Citizens” printed for most counties in both the United States and Canada. These citizens would pay for the placement or agree to purchase a quantity of the books. The quality ranged from simple text to an engraving of the person and in some cases an engraving of his farm. This was a large industry. Link


Any genealogical information beyond the subject’s father should be ignored as the research was usually shallow at best. I have included 11 Knickerbocker sketches and solicit any others that you might run into. These sketches can provide an intimate glimpse of the subjects. There were literally hundreds and probably several thousand of these books published.


·        Curtis E. – Chenango, NY – Link

·        Edwin – Dutchess, NY - Link

·        George C. – South Dakota - Link

·        Henry B. – Dutchess, NY - Link

·        Hiram – Genesee, NY - Link

·        Jacob – Rensselaer, NY - Link

·        Jonas – Dutchess, NY - Link

·        Milton – Broome, NY - Link

·        Milton – Rensselaer, NY - Link

·        Walter D. – Genesee, MI - Link

·        William H. – Litchfield, CT - Link



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