726. Harvey Orsamus KNICKERBOCKER was born on 6 Nov 1874 in Mt. Morris, Genesee, MI. (17) He was buried in Aug 1941 in Oak Grove Cem., Chelsea, MI. (17) He died on 18 Aug 1941 in Gainseville, Hall, GA.(17) 1. Generation 7.
2. Attended Albion College and had a degree in architecture.
3. Was in the construction business all his life and was the Superintendent of Construction for the Hill Auditoriom in Ann Arbbor, MI. which is noted for its acoustics.
4. At the time his 1st wife was diagnosed with cancer in early 1935, he was diagnosed as having diabetes. He expired from a diabetic ulcer which started on his foot and probably went into gangrene.
5. He remarried a woman named Grace from somewhere in northern MI, who he met in Florida - she probably financed some his construction enterprises at that time in his life.

He was married to Alice Emaline (Emma) LAING on 10 Mar 1894 in Flint, Genesee, MI.(17) Alice Emaline (Emma) LAING was born on 26 Mar 1876 in Ithica (or Attica), MI.(17) She died on 21 Jul 1935 in Chelsea, Washtenaw, MI.(17) She was buried about 24 Jul 1935 in Oak Grove Cem., Chelsea, MI. (17) 1. She was the Dau. of Rev. Aaron Robert Laing and Hannah Phoebe Sutherland, a dau. of Benj. Cooley Sutherland, s. of Naomi Cooley. See Cooley Family Genealogy for details and ancestry back to the immigrant Cooley. Harvey Orsamus KNICKERBOCKER and Alice Emaline (Emma) LAING had the following children:

child945 i. babe KNICKERBOCKER was born on 23 May 1894 in Genesee Co., MI. (17) She died STILLBORN.(17) She was buried in Genesee Co., MI.(17)
child+946 ii. Neita Ona KNICKERBOCKER.
child+947 iii. Harry Ray KNICKERBOCKER.
child+948 iv. Maynard LaVerne KNICKERBOCKER.
child+949 v. Helen Ruth KNICKERBOCKER.
child+950 vi. Ray Miles KNICKERBOCKER.
child+951 vii. Carl Fred KNICKERBOCKER.

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