950. Ray Miles KNICKERBOCKER was born on 18 Mar 1906 in Flint, Genesee, MI. (17) He died on 7 May 1967 in Gainseville, Hall, GA. (17) He was buried in Gainseville, Hall, GA. (17) 1. Ray attended Riverside Military Academy in Gainseville, GA. where he met and married his wife, Mary Estes.
2. He was in the construction business, and during WWII joined the Construction Battalion of the U.S.Navy as a Chief Petty Officer.
3. While stationed at Guam, nephew Harvey's ships, the Braine came thru and they were able to meet. He took one look at the damage and said: "How in hell did you manage to survive this?" - Fortunately, Harvey was also a CPO and they had no billiting problems for one night on Ray's "ship".

He was married to Mary V. ESTES on 15 Nov 1929 in Gainseville, Hall, GA. (17) Mary V. ESTES was born in Georgia, prob. Gainsville.(17) Ray Miles KNICKERBOCKER and Mary V. ESTES had the following children:

child1325 i. Still born KNICKERBOCKER (Private).
child+1326 ii. Faye Ann KNICKERBOCKER MD.
child+1327 iii. Alice Dane KNICKERBOCKER.
child+1328 iv. Fred Ray KNICKERBOCKER MD.

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