951. Carl Fred KNICKERBOCKER was born on 30 Oct 1910 in Detroit, Wayne, MI. (17) He died on 25 Mar 1985 in Santa Rosa, CA. (17) He was buried in Rose Hills Mem. Park, Whittier, LA, CA. (17) 1. Carl spent his life in the construction business, mostly as a "Finish Carpenter", at which he excelled.
2. Don had chronic pneumonia as a baby and they were advised to move to a drier climate. They first located in Arizona but because Marian had lost her thyroid gland while in nursing school, the altiitude was bad, so on they went settling in eastern Los Angeles County. After the children were grown, they moved north to Santa Rosa.
3. Carl died of a heart problem, said to have been brought to a head by the fact that Marian had developed MS. In 1994, Marian is living in a Nursing home somewhere, probably in Orange County, CA., near Carl Jr.

He was married to Marion Catherine MEYERS on 24 Oct 1931 in Clinton, Lenawee, MI.(17) Marion Catherine MEYERS was born on 15 Dec 1910 in MI.(17) She died on 10 Dec 1994 in Orange Co., CA.(17) She was buried on 17 Dec 1994 in Rose Hills Mem. Park, Whittier, LA, CA. (17) 1. She developed TB while in Nursing School which was never completed; later she lost her thyroid.
2. Marion developed Altzheimer's disease and spent several years in a nursing home. Carl Fred KNICKERBOCKER and Marion Catherine MEYERS had the following children:

child+1329 i. Carl George KNICKERBOCKER.
child+1330 ii. Helen Ona KNICKERBOCKER.
child+1331 iii. Don Edward KNICKERBOCKER.

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