2. Johannes KNICKERBOCKER was born in Albany, Albany, NY.(1)

On 10 July, 1708, the Common Council of the city of Albany announced the conditions on which the eight plantations on the south side of Schagticoke Creek would be assigned to the applicants accepted by the corporation. Each farm, as determined by the municipal authorities, was to comprise twenty-five morgens, or fifty acres, of low or meadow land under the hill by the creek, and five morgens, or ten acres, of upland, toward the said hill, and all to lie connectedly together in a tract. Twenty persons severally desired to be assigned one. In order to avoid partiality in the assignment of the plantations, the clerk of the Common Council was ordered to prepare eight billets, severally bearing the number of the farm to be conveyed, and twelve blank ones, and place them in the mayor's hat, and let each one draw one, which was accordingly done. Johannes Harmense Knickerbacker was a successful applicant (Arthur J. Weise's Swartwout and Ketelhuyn Chronicles, p. 543-44).

On 22 Nov., 1712, Johannes Barentsen Bratt exchanged twelve morgens of land with that of Johannes Harmense Knickerbocker, that particular part of his farm, on the west side of Tamhenick Creek, for an equal quantity of land on the east side of that stream (above authority, p. 553).

12 Nov., 1709, Johannis Knickerbocker granted to Martin Dellemont five morgens of land at Schaghticoke (deed recorded 1 Feb., 1717/18, Public Records of Albany County, book 5, p. 386); 22 Nov., 1712, he granted to Daniel Ketelhuyn twelve morgens of land at Schaghticoke (deed recorded 1 Feb., 1717/18, above authority, book 5, p. 387); 2 July, 1735, he granted to Johannes Christianse eighteen morgens of land on Anthony Kill, Albany Co. (deed recorded 22 Feb., 1782, above authority, book 10, p. 311), and 9 July, 1737, he deeded to Neeltje Bradt and John Schuyler land on the east side of Hudson River, in the Manor of Rensselaerwyck (deed unrecorded).

He was married to Anna QUACKENBOS on 19 Oct 1701 in Albany, Albany, NY. (1) Johannes KNICKERBOCKER and Anna QUACKENBOS had the following children:

child+11 i. Lysbet KNICKERBOCKER.
child12 ii. Neeltie KNICKERBOCKER was baptized on 30 Jun 1706 in Albany, Albany, NY. (1) Sponsors Wouter Quakkenbosch, Jr. and Neeltje Quakkenbosch She died in 1775.(1) Neeltie was unmarried. Neeltje Knickerbacker of Schaghtakakock, Albany County, made her will 26 March, 1775; proved 9 Oct., 1775, and recorded at Albany. In it she mentions Dirk T. Van Veghten and son Teunis, Cornelia, dau. of Igenas Kip, and her brother Teunis, Annatje, wife of Igenas Kip, and Annitje, wife of Lewis T. Viele, and her dau. Maria, Elezibeth, wife of John Fort, Neeltje, dau. of Harme Quackenbush, Annaitie Viele, dau. of Johannis Knickerbacker, and Margrita, dau. of Dirk T. van Veghten. Executors: Johannis S. Quackenbos and Dirck T. van Veghten (Fernow's Calendar of Wills, p. 228).
child+13 iii. Harmen KNICKERBOCKER.
child+14 iv. Wouter KNICKERBOCKER.
child+15 v. Cornelia KNICKERBOCKER.
child+16 vi. Johannes KNICKERBOCKER.

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