11. Lysbet KNICKERBOCKER was baptized on 1 Nov 1702.(1) Sponsors Harmon and Lysbeth Knikkelbakker

She was married to Sybrant QUACKENBOS on 8 Feb 1725 in Albany, Albany, NY.(1) Sybrant QUACKENBOS was baptized on 14 Jun 1702 in Albany, Albany, NY.(1) Son of Adrian Quackenbos and Catherine Van Schalck Lysbet KNICKERBOCKER and Sybrant QUACKENBOS had the following children:

child52 i. Catharina QUACKENBOS was baptized on 5 Sep 1725 in Albany, Albany, NY. (1) Sponsors Anth. V. Schayk and Cath. Quakkenbosch.
child53 ii. Anna QUACKENBOS was baptized on 25 Feb 1728 in Albany, Albany, NY. (1) Sponsors Piet. Quakkenbosch and Neeltie Knikkerbakker. Died Young
child+54 iii. Johannes QUACKENBOS.
child55 iv. Adriaan QUACKENBOS was baptized on 18 Mar 1732 in Albany, Albany, NY. (1) Sponsors Adr. and Cathr. Quackenbos.
child+56 v. Hannah (Annaatje) QUACKENBOS.
child57 vi. Elizabeth QUACKENBOS was baptized on 11 Sep 1737 in Albany, Albany, NY. (1) Sponsors Johannis and Cornelia Knickerbakker.
child+58 vii. Harmen QUACKENBOS.
child59 viii. Neeltje QUACKENBOS was baptized on 28 Feb 1742 in Albany, Albany, NY. (1) Sponsors Johannes Knickerbakker, Jr. and Corna. Knickerbacker.
child+60 ix. Elizabeth QUACKENBOS.

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