13. Harmen KNICKERBOCKER was baptized on 25 Dec 1709 in Albany, Albany, NY. (1) Sponsors Kiliaan and Maria Van Rensselaer He died on 18 Sep 1768 in Schaghticoke, NY.(1) Aged 58 years, 8 months and 18 days. On 27 Nov., 1751, Harmen was ordained a deacon in the Dutch Reformed Church at Schaghticoke, N. Y.; in Nov., 1763, Jacob Viele succeeded him; on 20 Dec., 1767, he was appointed elder, and on his decease, his brother Johannis was elected to the office. He is described as "a beloved elder" in this church. "Harmen Knickerbocker of Schotta Coak, Albany County, yeoman," made his will 12 Sept., 1768, proved 1 Nov., 1768, and recorded at Albany. In it he mentions his nephew John, son of brother John Knickerbocker, sister Elizabeth Quackenbos, nephew Darieh Vanfactor and his sister Hannah Kipp, brother Woughter Knickerbocker, sister Nealcha Knickerbocker, cousin Hannah, wife of Cornelius Vanfaiter, cousin Hannah, wife of Lewis T. Vieley, and cousin Hannah, wife of Egmon Kipp. He wills real and personal property, the latter including a silver teapot, six dozen spoons and six dozen tablespoons. The executors were his brothers Woughter and John Knickerbocker (Fernow's Calendar of Wills, p. 225 ). It is evident that when Harmen made his will his wife and son were dead. Child of Harmen Knickerbocker and Rebecca De Wandellar:

He was married to Rebecca DE WANDELLAR about 1745.(1) Harmen KNICKERBOCKER and Rebecca DE WANDELLAR had the following children:

child61 i. Johannes KNICKERBOCKER was baptized on 25 May 1746 in Albany, Albany, NY. (1) Sponsors Johannes and Cornelia Knickkerbackker. He was buried on 2 Dec 1747 in Albany, Albany, NY. (1)

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