16. Johannes KNICKERBOCKER was baptized on 24 Mar 1723 in Albany, Albany, NY. (1) Sponsors Nicol. and Maria Groesbeek He died on 16 Aug 1802 in Schaghticoke, NY.(1) On 22 Nov., 1752, Johannes joined the Dutch Reformed Church at Schaghticoke and there at various times he officiated as elder and deacon. The church record states that he "died 16 Aug. 1802 aged 79 years," furthermore that "he was in the colonial army and was appointed Colonel 20 Oct. 1775." Revolutionary War records show that he was Colonel of the Fourteenth Regiment of Albany County Militia. The record states further that his wife "died 8 Jan. 1800 aged 81 years" and her life is expressed in the text "She was full of good works and alms deeds which she did." In Harper's Magazine, vol. 54, p. 42, is a picture of Colonel Johannes Knickerbocker and his wife reproduced from a painting in the east room of the old Knickerbocker mansion at Schaghticoke. Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography, vol. 3, pp. 561 and 562, gives a clearer picture of Colonel Knickerbocker and a picture of his homestead.

He was married to Rebecca FONDA on 17 Feb 1750 in Albany, Albany, NY.(1) Rebecca FONDA was baptized on 14 Apr 1718 in Albany, Albany, NY.(1) Daughter of Col. Nicholas Fonda and Anna Marselis Johannes KNICKERBOCKER and Rebecca FONDA had the following children:

child+74 i. Johannes KNICKERBOCKER Jr..
child+75 ii. Anna KNICKERBOCKER.
child76 iii. Neeltie KNICKERBOCKER was baptized on 24 Nov 1754 in Albany, Albany, NY. (1) Sponsors Wouter and Neeltje Knickerbacker.
child77 iv. Elizabeth KNICKERBOCKER was baptized on 24 Nov 1754 in Albany, Albany, NY. (1) Sponsors Gerrit Marselis and Pollie Funda.

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