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Yes – We are all related! The fun part is proving it. 


Knotable Knickerbockers


It is fun to be related to famous and near famous cousins. Contributions welcomed. Thanks to Dave Knickerbocker for scouring the archives to put this together.



Patriots - Link

Public Servants - Link

Inventors – It is against all odds that Bryan and I are on this list of 29 - Link

Arts & Letters - Link

Amateur Radio – John, Richard and I are Hams – Very Small World - Link



Ken Knickerbocker – Gettysburg, PA - link

John U. Knickerbocker – Noted Scientist and Inventor - Link

Aron Knickerbocker – Medical Business Innovator - Link

Guy Knickerbocker – Developer of CPR - Link

The Knickerbockers – “Lies” - A 60s era band - Link   Song

Bill Knickerbocker – Baseball player - Link

Tom Knickerbocker – Ameritech Executive VP - Link 

Thomas A. Knickerbacker – Businessman - Link

David Buell Knickerbocker – Bishop - Link

Beth Knickerbocker – Chief Innovation Officer - Link




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Bryan Knickerbocker - mailto:bryan.m.knickerbocker@gmail.com