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Yes We are all related! The fun part is proving it. 




This will be the home to the various paper and electronic genealogies.


The Unified was our first attempt at a family wide genealogy. It was before the modern on-line databases such as Ancestry so lacked even minimum source documentation. Provided for historical continuity. Link


Fred E. Chamberlain wrote this in 1974 and deposited it at Salt Lake. It is typical of the un-sourced works of the time. The early family should be ignored as it came from the early debunked research. Scanned PDF of 461 pages (188 MB). Link


Chamberlain electronic version. Starts with John Knickerbocker (1710-86). Link


Margaret C. Sparkman provided a 252 paper genealogy of the Lawrence, Cornelius and John C. line. Link


Bob Bairstow of Dalton, MA (1996) Schaghticoke Line - Link


Howard Knickerbocker - mailto:howardk758@aol.com
Bryan Knickerbocker - mailto:bryan.m.knickerbocker@gmail.com