5. Lourens KNICKERBOCKER was baptized in Albany, Albany, NY.(1)

In 1715 Lawrence Knickerbocker was a member of a military company organized and under review at Oak Hill (Claverack, NY, Centennial, p. 45). An oath of abjuration and fealty was required to be taken by office holder in Dutchess County in 1729. Lowerens Knickerbacker, captain, was one of the signers (Edmund Platt's History of Poughkeepsie, NY, p. 24). In 1723 he was taxed eighteen pounds and eighteen shillings (Smith's History of Rhinebeck, NY, p. 45). He was a justice in 1735 (Platt's History of Poughkeepsie, NY, p. 25). In 1750 he lived on Magdalen Island, an island in the Hudson River between the upper and lower Red Hook landings. The will of Elbert Harmensen Lieverse of New York City, lime burner, dated 15 June, 1750, proved 11 Oct., 1752, and recorded in Abstracts of Wills at New York City, vol. 18, p. 196, mentions his "wife's niece Catharine, the daughter of Lourens Knickebacker of Magdalen Island" The relationship is explained by the fact that Elbert Harmensen Liverse's wife Catharina Bogaert, and Lourens Knickerbocker's mother, Lysbeth Bogaert, were daus. of Jan Laurensen Bogaert and Cornelia Evertse. Catharina Liverse stood as one of the Sponsors when her niece Catherine was bap. 19 Oct., 1731, at Germantown. In 1766 John Vosburgh and Cornelia, his wife, Lawrence Knickerbocker and Hans Jury Loundert, all of Rhinebeck precinct, in Dutchess County, of the one part, and Anthony Hoffman, of Kingston, Ulster County, and Zacharias Hoffman of Rhinebeck, of the other part, agree to divide a certain tract of land lying adjacent to the south of the manor of Livingston, apparently belonging to them in common (Smith's. History of Rhinebeck, NY, p. 80)

He was married to Maryke DYCKMAN about 1707. (1) Maryke DYCKMAN was born about 1688.(1) Daughter of Johannes Dyckman and Jannetie Viele. A curious chain of evidence leads to the locatlon of Maryke Dyckman. She appears in 1724 at Linlithgo, N. Y., as Maritje, in 1731 at Germantown, N. Y., as Marike, in 1741 at Athens, N. Y., as Marytje, and in 1747 at Germantown, as Mariken, the full maiden name in no case being given, but on 5 Oct. 1766, Domine Fryemont received into the membership of the Dutch Reformed Church at Red Hook, N. Y., from the church on the Flatts " Louwrenz Knickerbocker and wife Maryke Dyk". Extensive research shows only one other occurence of the name of Dyk, namely when Jacob the five months old son of "Hannes and Engel Dyk" was baptised 19 April, 1738 at Athens. Hannes and Engel previously had children baptised at Linlithgo, but he is there called "Johannes Dyckman, Jr." Therefore it is evident that Dyk is equivalent to Dyckman. On the 24 Feb., 1723, Johannes Dyckman and Jannetje Dyckman, "echtelieden," or married people, became church members at Linlithgo. Johannes Dyckman m. Jannetje, dau. of Cornelis Cornelisen Viele of Schenectady, N. Y., and from her received land at the All Platts on which they lived but two years when the French and Indian massacre of 1690 happened. Cornelis Cornelisen Viele suffered great loss, for among the killed were his dau. Mary, the wife of Dowe Aukes, with her two children, and Mary Aloff, the wife of his son Cornelis; Arnout Viele, his grandson, was carried off alive to be held a captive for three years, but his dau. Jannetje with her husband and child escaped to Albany, later going to Dutchess County, but in 1715 removing to the Manor of Living-ston. Johannes and Jannetje Dyckman had a son Johannes, bap. 11 May, 1690, at Albany, who m. Engel ___, and left descendants who settled at or near Linlithgo, N. Y., and a dau. named after her father's mother, undoubtedly born on the All Platts prior to the massacre and destined to become the wife of Laurens Knickerbocker, singularly her full maiden name only appearing once and then under the the form of Maryke Dyk. Lourens KNICKERBOCKER and Maryke DYCKMAN had the following children:

child+25 i. Benjamin KNICKERBOCKER.
child+26 ii. John KNICKERBOCKER.
child+27 iii. Harmen KNICKERBOCKER.
child+28 iv. Elizabeth KNICKERBOCKER.
child+29 v. Pieter KNICKERBOCKER.
child+30 vi. Cornelis KNICKERBOCKER.
child+31 vii. Jannetje KNICKERBOCKER.
child32 viii. tje KNICKERBOCKER was baptized on 17 Oct 1724 in Linlithgo, NY. (1) Sponsors Jan and Tyssje Decker
child+33 ix. Maritjen KNICKERBOCKER.
child+34 x. Catherine KNICKERBOCKER.

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