27. Harmen KNICKERBOCKER was born in 1712.(1) He died on 19 Aug 1805.(1) Herman Knickerbacker and his wlves are buried in the family cemetery on the Belden farm between Wassic and Dover, N. Y. He lived opposite Mrs. Joseph Belden's and where George N. Perry lived for many years, the property now owned by William Rundall. The West Side Cemetery is near the homestead.

A census of the slaves above the age of fourteen, taken in 1755 in the precinct of Rhinebeck, shows that Harman owned two slaves, one of whom was named Tom. It is interesting to note that Thomas, a negro man belonging to Hermanus Knickerbocker, was baptised 22 July, 1781, in the Presbyterian Church at South Amenia, N. Y.

Harmanus Knickerbocker of Amenia Township, made his will 27 April, 1802, proved 11 Oct., 1805, and recorded at Poughkeepsie N. Y. (Book ot Wills, vol. B, p. 550). In it he mentions wife Elizabeth, sons Lawruence, Ruliff, John and Harmanis, daus. Mary and Lydia, grandson Moses Butt and son Ruliff's son Cornelius.

In the family cemetery on the Belden place is buried Mrs. Catharine Knickerbacker, who d. 4 Sept., 1772, in her 19th year. She may have been the young wife of one of Harmen's sons. In that cemetery are also buried two sons of Lawrence and Mary Knickerbacker, Samson, who d. 8 July, 1793, in his 5th year, and Silas, who d. 27 April, 1806, in his 10th year.

He was married to Catrina DUTCHER about 1737. (1) Catrina DUTCHER died on 30 Apr 1771.(1) Aged 5_ years. Daughter of Roelof De Duidser and Jannetje Bressie. Harmen KNICKERBOCKER and Catrina DUTCHER had the following children:

child98 i. Jannetje KNICKERBOCKER was baptized on 20 Apr 1738 in Athens, NY. (1) Sponsors Myndert Mynderse and Jannetje, his wife. Died young.
child99 ii. Lauwrens KNICKERBOCKER was baptized on 27 Jan 1740 in Kingston, NY. (1) Sponsors Petrus and Jannetjen Knickerbocker.
child+100 iii. Janche KNICKERBOCKER.
child+101 iv. Ruliff KNICKERBOCKER.
child+102 v. Maritgen KNICKERBOCKER.
child103 vi. John KNICKERBOCKER.
child104 vii. Harmanis KNICKERBOCKER.
child105 viii. Lydia KNICKERBOCKER.

He was married to Elizabeth.

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