1750. Barbara Elaine ELDREDGE (96) (96) was born on 28 Dec 1931 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI. She died on 17 Oct 1952 in Waukesha Mem. Hosp., Waukesha, WI. She was a.

11-26-1998 Barbara Elaine Eldredge graduated from Waukesha High School in June 1949 at Horb Spring Park, Waukesha, WI

She was married to Stephen T. HEBLINGER Jr. on 1 Sep 1950 in 1st. Cong. Church, Waukesha, WI. Barbara Elaine ELDREDGE and Stephen T. HEBLINGER Jr. had the following children:

child2195 i. Peter Herman HEBLINGER(96) (96) was born on 17 Jan 1952 in Fort Gordon, Liberty, GA. He died on 13 Feb 1952 in Fort Gordon, Liberty, GA.
08/01/94 Dates Taken From Headstone At Salem Cemetery, Wales, WI, (HWY 83)

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