1224. Glenrose Winonah KNICKERBOCKER (Private).

John Jenness ELDREDGE (96)(96) was born on 31 Jan 1903 in Neoga, Cumberland, IL. He died on 7 Jul 1977 in Waukesha, Waukesha, WI. He was a. He resides at 2222 SUNKIST AVE; WAUKESHA, WI..
He was a schoolteacher and taught at Boy's Technical High School in Milwaukee until a heart attack forced his retirement in 1961. He was an instructor in First Aid and Physical Education. Glenrose Winonah KNICKERBOCKER and John Jenness ELDREDGE had the following children:

child+1750 i. Barbara Elaine ELDREDGE.
child+1751 ii. John Knickerbocker ELDREDGE.
child+1752 iii. Patricia Elizabeth ELDREDGE.
child+1753 iv. Lee Hugh ELDREDGE.
child+1754 v. Anne Glenrose ELDREDGE.
child+1755 vi. Thomas David ELDREDGE.
child+1756 vii. Jean Helen ELDREDGE.
child+1757 viii. Jill Ellen ELDREDGE.
child+1758 ix. Susan Frances ELDREDGE.

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