2059. Suellen Marie MILLER (75) was born on 9 May 1941 in Jackson, MI.(9) She died on 26 Sep 1970 in Jackson, MI.(9) She was buried in St Johns Cem. Jackson, MI.(9)

She was married to Alexander MALCH on 15 Apr 1961.(9) Alexander MALCH(75) was born on 3 Nov 1937 in Jackson, MI.(9) He died on 18 Sep 1963 in Jackson, MI.(9) He was a Police Officer in Jackson, MI.(9) Suellen Marie MILLER and Alexander MALCH had the following children:

child2461 i. Alicia Elaine MALCH (Private).
child2462 ii. Raphael Alexander MALCH (Private).

She was married to Dan HYDE in Jackson, MI.(9) Suellen Marie MILLER and Dan HYDE had the following children:

child2463 i. Betsy Jane HYDE (Private).

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