1693. Ardia Elaine O'NEIL (Private).

Ardia Elaine O'NEIL and Raphael W. MILLER had the following children:

child+2059 i. Suellen Marie MILLER.
child+2060 ii. Jeanne M. MILLER.
child+2061 iii. William Raphael MILLER.
child+2062 iv. Keyna Beth MILLER.
child+2063 v. Michael O'neil MILLER.
child+2064 vi. Deborah Elaine MILLER.
child+2065 vii. Patricia Ann MILLER.
child2066 viii. Bernis Francis MILLER (Private).
child2067 ix. Marjee Mae MILLER (Private).
child2068 x. Betsy Jane MILLER (Private).
child2069 xi. Thomas George MILLER (Private).
child2070 xii. Monica Michelle MILLER (Private).
child2071 xiii. Barbara Dale MILLER (Private).
child2072 xiv. Betty Kay MILLER (Private).

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