682. Elizabeth (Libby) M. KNICKERBOCKER was born on 12 Jan 1869 in South Argyle, Washington, NY. (12)(93) (62) Tradition says that Elizabith (Libby) Knickerbocker was quite a character in her family, very independent, did as she pleased, etc. In a day when all ladies dressed up in their very finest clothing to go traveling or calling on anyone, Libby was more practical and ahead of her time, it appears. She went to Saratoga County, New York to visit an Aunt and left there to go "west" in a cotton housedress because she said, she "wasn't goint to get her good clothes all messed up."

Source: Mrs. Frield's correspondences in 1973 from Mrs. Doris McEachron, Argyle, New York town historian.

Thomas S. RICHARDS was born in 1867.(12) (94)(42) Elizabeth (Libby) M. KNICKERBOCKER and Thomas S. RICHARDS had the following children:

child882 i. Alice C. RICHARDS (Private).
child883 ii. Kenyon R. RICHARDS (Private).
child884 iii. Harold H. RICHARDS (Private).

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