557. Hamilton Hudson KNICKERBOCKER was born on 15 Mar 1836 in South Argyle, Washington, NY. (12)(13) (65) He died on 16 Nov 1915 in Greenwich, Washington, NY. (12)(66) (42) Hamilton Hutton Knickerbocker's wife, Sarah, died 13 March 1875, leaving her three little girls motherless. Sarah's sister, Catherine Bain, was housekeeper for Hamilton Hutton Knickerbocker for many years afterwards while his daughters were growing up. He owned a farm in South Argyle, but in his later years Hamilton and his daughter, Lillian, resided at Greenwich, Washington County, New York He died 16 or 17 November 1915 in Greenwich, at age 79, after having been a widower for 40 years.

(Source is the Guy Carr Knickerbocker 1912 Genealogical Notes)

He was married to Sarah Maria BAIN on 9 Nov 1864.(12) (67)(42) Sarah Maria BAIN was born about 7 May 1844. (12)(68) (42) She died on 13 Mar 1875 in South Argyle, Washington, NY.(12) (69)(42) Hamilton Hudson KNICKERBOCKER and Sarah Maria BAIN had the following children:

child+681 i. Mary KNICKERBOCKER.
child+682 ii. Elizabeth (Libby) M. KNICKERBOCKER.
child683 iii. Lillian KNICKERBOCKER was born on 24 Feb 1871 in South Argyle, Washington, NY.(12)(70) (62)

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