1323. Stanley Paul KNICKERBOCKER Col. USAF Ret. was born on 14 Jul 1932 in Chelsea, Washtenaw, MI. (17) He died on 15 Mar 1993 in Phoenix, AZ. (17) He was buried. (17) 1. Generation 9.
2. Stanly went to the U.of Mich. and obtained a degree in Phys.Ed. He played Football on the varsity as a freshman. He took Airforce ROTC.
3. Upon graduation, he was inducted in the U.S.Airforce and became a Fighter Jet Pilot. He was shot down over Viet Nam and dislocated his shoulder, spending some time at the A.F. Hosp. in Dayton OH. He retired after 28 years as a full Colonel.
4. Later he developed cancer of lyrnix. It was removed, but several years later came back and again removed. It then came back on his collar bone. He died 4 weeks and 1 day after George in 1993. (3/16/93)
5. The oldest daughter had children by blacks and was disowned - probably by the mother, the youngest is still unmarried.

Stanley Paul KNICKERBOCKER Col. USAF Ret. and Diane Carole WEEVIE had the following children:

child+1877 i. Sheri Kaye KNICKERBOCKER.
child1878 ii. Tracy Ann KNICKERBOCKER. 1. Generation 10.

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