1318. George Allen KNICKERBOCKER was born on 18 Sep 1922 in Chelsea, Washtenaw, MI. (17) He died on 14 Feb 1993 in Dexter Twp., Washtenaw, MI. (17) He was buried about 17 Feb 1993 in Oak Grove Cem., Chelsea, MI. (17) He was christened in Congregational Ch., Chelsea, MI.(17) 1. Generation 9.
2. George almost died of convulsions when he had measles around ae. 7 yrs.
3. George worked in a factory in Chelsea, MI. after graduation from High School.
4. In 1942 he Joined the U.S.Navy and was separated as a CSK in 1947 to take over his fathers business, which didn't come to pass immediately.
5. After working in several Std Oil Co Substations for several years, he returned to Chelsea, MI. to take over the S.O.Co. (Ind) Agency which had formerly been his father's.
6. He retired from S.O.C.O. during the oil crunch in the early 70's and went into Real Estate, and altho retired, still kept his hand in it until just prior to his demise in Feb. 1993.
7. He was found to have lung cancer, and altho it went into remission, it returned in his brain, which eventually killed him.

He was married to Audrey Hattie LEACH in 1946 in Jackson, MI.(17) Audrey Hattie LEACH was born on 21 Apr 1925 in Grass Lake, Jackson, MI.(17) She was buried in Sep 1977 in Oak Grove Cem., Chelsea, MI.(17) She died on 7 Sep 1977 in Dexter Twp., Washtenaw, MI. (17) 1. Audrey was a Manic Depressive and committed suicide by ODing on medications. George Allen KNICKERBOCKER and Audrey Hattie LEACH had the following children:

child+1860 i. Suzanne Denize KNICKERBOCKER.
child1861 ii. David Allen KNICKERBOCKER was born on 4 Jan 1952 in Pontiac, Oakland, MI.(17) He died on 12 Apr 1955 in UofM Hosp., Ann Arbor, MI.(17) He was buried in Oak Grove Cem., Chelsea, MI.(17)
child+1862 iii. Steven George KNICKERBOCKER.
child+1863 iv. Patrice Jean KNICKERBOCKER.
child+1864 v. Jana Lynn KNICKERBOCKER.

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