Van Alstyne Genealogy of The Knickerbocker Family
Author: Dr. William B. Van Alstyne

This genealogy was published starting with the January, 1908 issue of the "New York Genealogical and Biographical Review" and was serialized in 6 issues, concluding in April , 1909. It is published here due to the difficulty in acquiring the original pamphlets and accessing this information. An index of names is added to this electronic version, which was lacking in the original. Errors have been found over the last 90 years but they will be corrected in a new web based family history that will take many lines down to the current generation. I will maintain this  1908 document as originally published as an aid in establishing and evaluating earlier research.

I have maintained the Doctor's original early Dutch spelling of the first names. Please consider alternate spellings and pronounciations when searching for an individual. I have not included the original footnotes as they seemed to distract from this work. Please refer to the original printed version for Van Alstyne's ancillary comments and research.