1061. Lucy A. MORSE (10) was born on 28 Feb 1867 in Leroy, Bradford, PA.(10)

Lucy A. MORSE and Ed KELLEY had the following children:

child+1469 i. Sevellon KELLEY.
child1470 ii. William KELLEY(10) was born on 29 Jun 1892.(10) He died in 1912. Died working in mine at Carbon Run, PA.
child+1471 iii. Truman KELLEY.
child1472 iv. Dennis KELLEY(10) was born on 18 Apr 1899. He died on 18 Sep 1906 in Carbon Run, PA. (10)
child+1473 v. Pheobe KELLEY.
child+1474 vi. Harry M. KELLEY.
child1475 vii. Bessie KELLEY(10) was born on 17 Oct 1907.(10) She died on 29 Jun 1922 in Leroy, Bradford, PA.(10)

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