829. Anna Alida KNICKERBOCKER (10) was born on 27 Oct 1870 in Apex, NY.(10) She died on 21 Oct 1918 in Apex, NY.(10) She was buried in Cannonville, NY.

Albert PECK(10) was born on 2 Feb 1855 in Honesdale, PA. (10) He died on 24 Jan 1921 in Apex, NY. (10) He was buried in Cannonville, NY. Anna Alida KNICKERBOCKER and Albert PECK had the following children:

child1165 i. Claude PECK (Private).
child+1166 ii. Frances PECK.
child1167 iii. Arlington PECK (Private).
child1168 iv. Bethel PECK (Private).
child1169 v. Lelia PECK (Private).

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