828. Fred KNICKERBOCKER (10) was born in Aug 1868. (10) He died on 24 Apr 1933.(10) He was buried in Granton, NY.

Ellen Jane STUERT (10) was born on 25 Jan 1857. (10) Fred KNICKERBOCKER and Ellen Jane STUERT had the following children:

child1156 i. Frank KNICKERBOCKER (Private).
child1157 ii. Floyd KNICKERBOCKER (Private).
child1158 iii. Jessie KNICKERBOCKER (Private).
child1159 iv. Edna KNICKERBOCKER (Private).
child1160 v. Hazel KNICKERBOCKER (Private).
child+1161 vi. Marshall KNICKERBOCKER.
child1162 vii. Louie KNICKERBOCKER (Private).
child1163 viii. Leon KNICKERBOCKER (Private).
child1164 ix. Emma KNICKERBOCKER (Private).

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