807. Christiana BOICE (10) was born on 17 Nov 1850. (10) She died on 20 Aug 1916 in Norwich, NY. (10) She was buried in Trout Creek, Delaware, NY.

She was married to Daniel WILSON on 23 Mar 1870 in Trout Creek, Delaware, NY. (10) Daniel WILSON (10) was born on 11 Sep 1844 in Delhi, NY. (10) He died on 14 Jun 1921 in Ivanhoe, NY. 3 miles from Masonville. He was buried in Trout Creek, Delaware, NY. Christiana BOICE and Daniel WILSON had the following children:

child+1081 i. Nina WILSON.
child+1082 ii. Freeman WILSON.
child1083 iii. Lyda WILSON(10) died. (10) Died Young.
child+1084 iv. Jennie WILSON.
child+1085 v. Fred WILSON.
child1086 vi. Edna WILSON(10) was born on 28 Aug 1886 in Bullock Hill, Thompson, NY.(10) She died. Died as infant.
child+1087 vii. Edna WILSON.
child+1088 viii. Effie WILSON.
child+1089 ix. Tracey WILSON.
child+1090 x. Clair WILSON.

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