798. Hiram K. MOTT (10) was born on 19 May 1838 in Middletown, Orange, NY.(10) He died on 5 May 1914 in Leroy, Bradford, PA.(10) He was buried in Leroy, Bradford, PA. Hiram was Justice of the Peace in Leroy from 1878 until his death in 1914 and was known as the "Marrying Justice". He was also assesor for the town for 30 years. He was a charter member of the Leroy Lodge No. 843 I.O.O.F. from 1868 and was known as a devoted Christian.

Mary WHIPPLE(10) died on 11 Feb 1916 in Leroy, Bradford, PA.(10) Hiram K. MOTT and Mary WHIPPLE had the following children:

child+1052 i. George MOTT.
child+1053 ii. John S. MOTT.
child+1054 iii. Sadie M. MOTT.
child+1055 iv. Omer D. MOTT.
child+1056 v. Kiah C. MOTT.
child+1057 vi. Andrew MOTT.

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