628. Hezekiah Petit KNICKERBOCKER (10) was born on 17 May 1831 in Trout Creek, Delaware, NY.(10) He died on 16 Mar 1865.(10) Ae 33 y, 10 mo. He was buried in Coventry, Chenango, NY. Hezekiah served in the Civil War, was in Co.__, 8 Regt., NY Calvary. He was captured and held in Andersonville Prison. He was later released, but his health was so impared due to starvation that He died on his way home. I visited his grave in Coventry, NY 30 Jul 1939 and found it nicely cared for. A new tombstone had been recently erected. However the old one still lay on the ground and I succeeded in reading, beside the name and dates this inscription - "My table mourns when I set down Every thing mourning all around None can fill his empty place Till I shall meet him face to face" ** Chamb Geno **

He was married to Susan Augusta INGRAHAM in 1852. Susan Augusta INGRAHAM(10) was born on 18 Dec 1835.(10) She died on 29 May 1921.(10) ae 86 y. Hezekiah Petit KNICKERBOCKER and Susan Augusta INGRAHAM had the following children:

child832 i. Jobe Henry KNICKERBOCKER(10) was born on 16 Nov 1855.(10) He died on 21 Apr 1872.(10) Ae 16 y.
child+833 ii. Mary Ann KNICKERBOCKER.

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