625. Catherine KNICKERBOCKER (10) was born on 27 Jun 1823 in Trout Creek, Delaware, NY.(10) She died on 20 Nov 1903 in Trout Creek, Delaware, NY.(10) Ae 80 y, 4 mo, 23 days. She was buried in Trout Creek, Delaware, NY. Buried in Deyo cemetary.

She was married to Darium CHAMBERLAIN on 8 Oct 1844 in Trout Creek, Delaware, NY.(10) Darium CHAMBERLAIN(10) was born on 7 Jun 1825 in Brattleboro, VT.(10) He died in Jul 1893 in Binghamton, NY.(10) He was buried in Binghamton, NY. Catherine KNICKERBOCKER and Darium CHAMBERLAIN had the following children:

child+815 i. Alonzo D. CHAMBERLAIN.
child+816 ii. Pheobe J. CHAMBERLAIN.
child+817 iii. Hezekiah K. CHAMBERLAIN.
child+818 iv. Andrew J. CHAMBERLAIN.
child+819 v. Eliphalet CHAMBERLAIN.
child+820 vi. Liberty P. CHAMBERLAIN.
child+821 vii. Darius M. CHAMBERLAIN.
child+822 viii. Harritte E. CHAMBERLAIN.

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