801. Sophia MOTT (10) was born in 1848 in Middletown, Orange, NY. She died on 26 Apr 1909 in Leroy, Bradford, PA. She was buried in Leroy, Bradford, PA.

Pierson A. HOLCOMB (10)(10) was born on 20 Sep 1842.(10) He died on 29 Dec 1908 in Leroy, Bradford, PA.(10) He was buried in Leroy, Bradford, PA. Sophia MOTT and Pierson A. HOLCOMB had the following children:

child1069 i. John HOLCOMB(10) was born. (10)
child+1070 ii. Lemyra HOLCOMB.
child+1071 iii. Mathew HOLCOMB.
child+1072 iv. Vell B. HOLCOMB.
child+1073 v. Elizabeth HOLCOMB.
child1074 vi. Frank HOLCOMB(10) was born in Leroy, Bradford, PA.(10) Chamberlain notes he is a bachelor, a Reresentative and some connection to Penn. State College.
child+1075 vii. Sarah HOLCOMB.
child+1076 viii. H. Lamar HOLCOMB.

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