355. Sarah REA was born on 16 May 1783.(1) She died on 3 Jan 1860 in Gallatin, Columbia, NY.(11) Age 76y, 7m, 18d at death. She was baptized in Mt. Ross, Dutchess, NY. (1) Sponsors Adam and Maryka Dings. Benjamin's cousin. Daughter of Hugh Rea and Marjory Knickerbocker.

She was married to Benjamin D. KNICKERBOCKER (son of Philip KNICKERBOCKER and Anna Maria DINGS). Benjamin D. KNICKERBOCKER was born on 20 Mar 1783.(11) Age 62y, 1m, 5d at death. He died on 25 Apr 1845 in Gallatin, Columbia, NY. (11) He was baptized in Linlithgo, NY. (1) Sponsors Benjamin Knickerbocker and Anna Maria Tiuisaad. Sarah REA and Benjamin D. KNICKERBOCKER had the following children:

child525 i. Benjamin KNICKERBOCKER.
child+526 ii. Eva Maria KNICKERBOCKER.
child527 iii. Margere Diana KNICKERBOCKER.
child528 iv. Sylvester KNICKERBOCKER.
child529 v. Hanna Elisha KNICKERBOCKER.
child530 vi. Caty Ann KNICKERBOCKER.
child531 vii. Catherine Jane KNICKERBOCKER.
child532 viii. Hugh Rea KNICKERBOCKER.
child+533 ix. Philip Adam KNICKERBOCKER.
child534 x. Sarah Angeline KNICKERBOCKER.
child+535 xi. Olive Euphemia KNICKERBOCKER.

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