262. Solomon (Salmon) KNICKERBOCKER was born on 28 Feb 1773 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT. (1) He died before 1830 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT. In the 1800 Federal census (pg. 51), Salmon is enumerated in Canaan, CT with one male under 10, one male 25-45 and one female 16-26. Solomon is 27 at this point.

Solomon is missing from the 1810 census, probably due to the war and possibly the epidemic in CT at that time. The following E-mail from George Walker describes one possible reason for his absence from the Salisbury records.

****Subj: Solomon Knickerbocker in the War of 1812
Date: 98-02-21 10:55:49 EST
From: (George F.Walker)
To: (Howard Knickerbocker)

"Howard: Here are the few facts which I could garner about Solomon (Salmon) Knickerbocker's service in the War of 1812:

He was enlisted as a private in the 37th U. S. Infantry at Northeast, NY by Capt. Riley Sevect (?) on 1 Apr 1814. At the time, he was 5'5", blue eyes and dark hair, he gave his age as 38 and occupation as a shoemaker. He was living at the time of enlistment in Salisbury, Litchfield county, CT. He was discharged at New London, CT 10 May 1815.

There was also a David and a Henry who served in the N. Y. State Militia from Salisbury. There are NO pension or bounty claims listed for Solomon."

The 1820 census is probably the key clue for those trying to tie the various 19th century CT Knickerbockers to this line. Solomon is enumerated in Salisbury with 3 males under 10, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 45+ and 1 female 26-45. I tentatively assign Solomon (b. 1812), Milo (b. 19 Jun 1816) and Philo (b. abt 1819) to this family. I have no candidate for the male aged 16-26. The three boys are the only unconnected Knickerbockers of the correct ages known to be born in Salisbury. Solomon is age 47 at this time. It is clear that Lucy is much younger and perhaps a second wife.

Solomon is absent from the 1830 census and is probably deceased. His son Solomon buries a young son, Albert, in Washington, MA (1838) - which is just north of Salisbury. It is possible the elder Solomon is also buried here as many unmarked graves are present in this yard. The family could have lived here before the younger Solomon buys a farm in the Lime Rock section of Salisbury in 1842.

The younger Solomon is enumerated in the 1840 census at Salisbury. One male 20-30 (Solomon, age 28), one male 40-50 (the mystery brother, b. 1794-1799?), two females under 5 (dau. Mary F., 1, and other not known. A son George is born in 1840 and is perhaps is counted as a female), one female 5-10 (daughter Sarah Jane, 6), one female 20-30 (Clarissa - wife, 28) and one female 50-60 (Solomon's mother - Lucy?).

A Lucy Knickerbocker dies in Sheffield, MA in 1847. Milo lives in that town during this period. Lucy would be born between 1780-84 if the various records are true. No collaboration for these family assumptions has been found in the CT or MA records.

He was married to Lucy OLDS. Chamberlain gives this marriage but the source has not been ascertained. Your editor would be most grateful for more information on this couple.

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