1222. Glynn KNICKERBOCKER (95) (95) was born in Jun 1894. He died on 14 Jul 1963 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI.
2: CONT 06-08-98 Called Lloyd Broker caretaker of Charlestown Union Cemetery, Gravesville, near Chilton, WI. (1-920-849-4652) Looking for information on GLYNN KNICKERBOCKER, he was able to supply some. Glynn was 70 yrs old, was widower and lived at 1320 AW Washington. Funeral was on July 17, 1963 at 10 AM.
10-17-98 Received phone call from Conrad, I had written him asking about father and Aunt Florence. "Glynn had 3 wives as far as he knew. Mary/Marlee, Christina Conrad and Betty Holsfetter (spelling?). Glynn worked at American Motors/Nash and International Harvester. Sometime in the 1950's Glynn was in a car accident, put through the windshield, cut off nose and broke both legs. Had the nose reconstructed twice. The last place Conrad knew where he lived was in the Indiana Apartments across from Marquet University, Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Christina CONRAD(95) (95) died in Jun 1937 in Coleman, Marinette, WI.
10-17-98 Received phone call from Conrad, her son. I had written him asking about information on Raymond. In talking he told me that Christina was Glynn's second wife. As her time to deliver the baby was getting near, she went to her family farm in Coleman, WI and her mother, who was a midwife, delivered the baby. The house has since burned down, but the rest of the farm is there. Some Aunts and Uncles still living. Christina died about 3 months after the birth. Conrad was sent to live with Glynn's sister, Florence and husband Albert Wert. Glynn KNICKERBOCKER and Christina CONRAD had the following children:

child+1749 i. Conrad Charles KNICKERBOCKER.

Betty HOLSFETTER (95)(95) died about 1950 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI.
10-17-98 Received phone call from Conrad Knickerbocker. During the conversation learned that Betty had died of Cancer about 1950.

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