253. Cathalyntje (Kathlyne) KNICKERBOCKER was born in 1792 in NY.(6) She was born on 23 Aug 1792.(1) She died in 1836 in Waterford, NY.(1) She died in 1837 in NY.(6) She was baptized in Schaghticoke, NY.(1) Sponsors Gerrit Van Antwerp and Sara Kip.

She was married to John L. VIELE in 1810 in NY. (6) She was married to John L. VIELE on 18 Nov 1810.(1) John L. VIELE was born on 6 Jun 1788 in Pittstown, NY. (1) He was born on 6 Jun 1788 in Pittstown, NY. (6) He died in 1832 in NY.(6) He died on 19 Oct 1832 in Albany, Albany, NY.(1) Son of Ludovicus Viele and Effie Toll. John L. Viele of Waterford, N. Y., was educated at Union College, served in the War of 1812, became an attorney at law in 1808, counsellor in the Court of Chancery in 1814, was New York Senator in 1822, '26 and '29, Judge of the Court of Errors, and Regent of the University of New York. Cathalyntje (Kathlyne) KNICKERBOCKER and John L. VIELE had the following children:

child+483 i. Louisa Caroline VIELE.
child+484 ii. Rufus King VIELE.
child+485 iii. Augustus VIELE.
child+486 iv. Maria Eve VIELE.
child+487 v. Henry Knickerbocker VIELE.
child488 vi. Sarah Cathania VIELE was born on 23 Mar 1821 in NY. (6) She died in 1905 in NY.(6)
child+489 vii. Maurice Edward VIELE.
child+490 viii. Egbert Ludovicus VIELE.

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