1027. Cleon LUDWIG was born on 10 May 1890 in Three Rivers, St. Joseph, MI. (9) He died on 14 Jul 1974 in Kalamazoo, MI. (9)

He was married to Cora "Clarabelle" BUPP on 26 Aug 1913.(9) Has two marriage dates for Cora Bupp, 1: 8-26-1913 2: 2-4-1918 according to Jeanne O'Toole. Cleon LUDWIG and Cora "Clarabelle" BUPP had the following children:

child1385 i. Cleon "Dave" LUDWIG(71) was born on 3 Mar 1914 in Buchannan, MI.(9) He died on 21 Sep 1978 in San Gabriel, CA. (9)
child+1386 ii. Donald Earl LUDWIG.
child1387 iii. Raymond LUDWIG.
child+1388 iv. Thelma LUDWIG.
child+1389 v. Walter Jean LUDWIG.
child+1390 vi. Everette "Lloyd" LUDWIG.
child+1391 vii. Gladys "Arlene" LUDWIG.

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