773. John Henry SHOEMAKER (71) was born on 27 Jul 1843 in Bridgeport, Ontario, Canada.(9) He died on 16 Apr 1917 in LAWRENCE, MI.(9) John Henry joined the Union Army in July 1862 in Lawton, Mi. Discharged in Nashville, TN. July 9, 1865.

When his wife died in 1891 he moved the family back to Michigan. Elizabeth was 2 yrs old and was adopted by Emily Metcalf Barr and Benjamin Franklin Heckert of Paw Paw, Mi on June 28, 1892. Albert was adopted by another couple, the two older boys lived with their father in Lawrence, Mich.

He was married to Willie Annie LAND on 15 May 1878 in Dalton, Whitefield, GA.(9) John Henry SHOEMAKER and Willie Annie LAND had the following children:

child+997 i. John Land SHOEMAKER.
child998 ii. James Franklin SHOEMAKER was born on 13 Sep 1800 in Dalton, Whitefield, GA.(9) He died on 7 Feb 1881. (9)
child999 iii. Carrie Mae SHOEMAKER(71) was born on 28 Dec 1882 in Bradley, TN.(9) She died on 25 Sep 1889.(9)
child1000 iv. Willie J. SHOEMAKER(71) was born on 12 Dec 1884 in Morgan Springs, TN.(9) He died after 1905 in LAWRENCE, MI.(9)
child+1001 v. Albert D. SHOEMAKER.
child1002 vi. Annie SHOEMAKER(71) was born on 28 Jan 1887 in Fairfield, SC.(9) She died on 6 Jun 1887 in Fairfield, SC.(9)
child+1003 vii. Elizabeth Estelle SHOEMAKER.

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