586. Cornelia Wendell GRIFFITH was born on 8 Jul 1847 in Buffalo, Niagara, NY. (5) She died in Jul 1927 in Buffalo, Niagara, NY. (5)

She was married to Edmond ELLIS. Cornelia Wendell GRIFFITH and Edmond ELLIS had the following children:

child745 i. Cornelia Wendell ELLIS.
child746 ii. Edmond ELLIS died in 1924.(5) Married with 2 sons.
child747 iii. Charles ELLIS. Died young.
child748 iv. Mable ELLIS died in 1925.(5)
child749 v. Amos ELLIS. Died young.
child+750 vi. Ada ELLIS.
child751 vii. Griffith Pritchard ELLIS. Married with 3 daughters.

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