555. John Henry KNICKERBOCKER was born on 26 Sep 1830 in South Argyle, Washington, NY. (12)(40) (13) He died on 19 Mar 1902 in Clymers, Clinton Township, Cass, IN. (12)(41) (42) 1: Mariah Louisa Luke's parents were early settlers of Fountain County, Indiana came from Georgestown, Scott County, Kentucky

2: In the early 1850s, John Henry Knickerbocker had come as a young man from New York State to teach school in Indiana, traveling by canal-boat then operating on the Erie Canal from Albany to Buffalo, across Lake Erie by boat to Toledo, Ohio, and then by the Wabash - Erie Canal via the Maumee River to Fort Wayne, Indiani and down the Wabash River to Covington. He was not only a school teacher but a carpenter as well and assisted in constructing the historic old Wooden Bridge across the Wabash River at Covington when it was built about 1860. The bridge serve well for over 50 years until it was destroyed by High Flood waters in 1913.

After his Marriage in 1855, John Henry Knickerbocker settled on a farm 4 miles east of Covington near his father-in-law, Peter E. Luke. About 1870 he purchased prairie farm land 4 miles north of Armstrong in Vermillion County, Illinois and moved his family there. in 1892 John purchased a farm 1/4 mile east of Clymers, Cass County, Indiana to be near his eldest son's family and he and his wife lived at Clymers until his death there 19 March 1902, at age 72 years.

His wife, Mariah, continued to live on this farm at Clymers in Clinton Township, Cass County, Indiana until she died 2 April 1919 at age 82 years. both were buried on their family plot in Wallace Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery on Bluegrass Creek in Middle Fork Township 4 miles northwest of Potomac, Vermillion County, Illinois where their daughter, Lilly Mae, and son, William Wallace, had previously been buried.

Mrs. Frields used the following sources for this information:

1.) Knickerbocker Family Genealogical Notes by grandson (of John Henry Knickerbocker) Guy Carr Knickerbocker, Buffalo, New York, Compiled in 1912 and in the Possession of John Henry Knickerbocker's great granddaughter, Mrs. Gilberta Knickerbocker Evans of Los Angeles, California. It appears that these notes were based on an interview with Hamilton Hutton Knickerbocker and his daughter, Lillian Knickerbocker, in 1912 by Guy Carr Knickerbocker.

2.) Tombstone inscriptions from Wallace Cemetery Cemetery, Middle Fork Township, near Potomac, Vermillion County, Illnois.

He was married to Mariah Louisa LUKE on 25 Oct 1855 in Covington, Fountain, IN.(12) (43) (44) Mariah Louisa LUKE was born on 16 May 1837 in Covington, Fountain, IN.(12) (45)(46) She died on 2 Apr 1919 in Clymers, Clinton Township, Cass, IN. (12)(47) (48) John Henry KNICKERBOCKER and Mariah Louisa LUKE had the following children:

child+670 i. Harry Luke KNICKERBOCKER.
child671 ii. Lilly Mae KNICKERBOCKER was born on 26 Dec 1859 in Covington, Fountain, IN.(12)(49) She died on 31 Jan 1885 in Armstrong, Vermillion, IL. (12)(50)
child+672 iii. Elmer Jay KNICKERBOCKER.
child673 iv. William Wallace KNICKERBOCKER was born on 21 Dec 1866 in Covington, Fountain, IN.(12)(51) (46) He died on 27 Dec 1894 in Clymers, Cass, IN.(12) (52)
child674 v. Unnamed Infant KNICKERBOCKER was born on 10 Mar 1879 in Armstrong, Vermillion, IL.(12)(53) (46) She died on 10 Mar 1879 in Armstrong, Vermillion, IL.(12) (54)

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