476. Herman W. KNICKERBOCKER was born on 20 Nov 1813 in Schaghticoke, NY. (4) He died.(4)

Sarah GROESBECK was born on 8 Sep 1813. (4) She died on 18 Oct 1843 in Napierville, IL. (4) Herman W. KNICKERBOCKER and Sarah GROESBECK had the following children:

child579 i. Isobel KNICKERBOCKER was born in 1837.(4) She died.(4)
child580 ii. Abraham KNICKERBOCKER was born in 1839.(4) He died.(4)
child+581 iii. John W. KNICKERBOCKER.

He was married to Clarissa Anne SEELYE on 17 Jul 1875.(4) Clarissa Anne SEELYE died on 18 Aug 1875. (4) She was born.(4)

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