730. Mary KNICKERBOCKER was born on 24 Oct 1869.(4) She died on 2 Jul 1955.(4)

John BURR was born in Dec 1864 in Albany, Albany, NY. (4) He died on 27 Mar 1921 in Dalton, MA. (4) Mary KNICKERBOCKER and John BURR had the following children:

child+957 i. Ida BURR.
child958 ii. Alden BURR was born in 1892.(4) He died.(4)
child959 iii. Marion BURR was born in 1895.(4) She died on 20 Jan 1897.(4)
child960 iv. Everett BURR was born in 1897.(4) He died.(4)
child961 v. Malcolm BURR was born in 1899.(4) He died.(4)
child+962 vi. Gertrude BURR.
child+963 vii. Marguerite BURR.
child964 viii. Gladys BURR was born.(4) She died. (4)
child965 ix. Ralph BURR was born.(4) He died. (4)
child966 x. Doris BURR was born.(4) She died. (4)

She was married to George BISSETT in Richmond, MA.(4) George BISSETT was born.(4) He died. (4)

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