974. Alice Gertrude KNICKERBOCKER was born on 15 Dec 1912 in Dalton, MA.(4) She died in Alford, MA.(4)

She was married to William CHAPIN on 30 Jun 1935 in Dalton, MA. (4) Alice Gertrude KNICKERBOCKER and William CHAPIN had the following children:

child1347 i. Nancy May CHAPIN was born on 3 May 1939 in Pittsfield, MA. (4) She died in Feb 1951.(4)
child+1348 ii. Mary Louise CHAPIN.
child+1349 iii. Susan Alice CHAPIN.
child1350 iv. William Knickerbocker CHAPIN was born on 7 Aug 1949 in Pittsfield, MA. (4) He died on 18 Jan 1997 in Alford, MA. (4)

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