764. Lena Ralston VIELE was born in Mar 1878 in NY.(6) She died in 1951 in NY.(6)

She was married to Arthur Penrhyn Stanley HYDE on 24 Jul 1907.(6) Arthur Penrhyn Stanley HYDE was born on 17 Oct 1875 in NY.(6) He died on 27 Dec 1943 in NY.(6) Lena Ralston VIELE and Arthur Penrhyn Stanley HYDE had the following children:

child984 i. Mary Truslow HYDE (Private).
child985 ii. Arthur Penrhyn Stanley , Jr. HYDE (Private).
child986 iii. Ralston Knickerbocker Viele HYDE was born on 22 Oct 1913 in Ft. Flagler, WA.(6) He died. (6)

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