130. Cathrina KNICKERBOCKER was baptized on 8 May 1757 in Linlithgo, NY. (1) Sponsors Benjamin Knickerbocker and Aletteka Halenbeeck, his wife. On 30 Sept., 1780, she joined the church at Mount Ross, NY.

She was married to John SCHERMERHORN. John SCHERMERHORN was born on 10 Aug 1752.(1) He was baptized in Rhinebeck Flatts, Dutchess, NY.(1) Son of Ryer Schermerhorn and Marrytje Dekker. Cathrina KNICKERBOCKER and John SCHERMERHORN had the following children:

child403 i. Rejes SCHERMERHORN was baptized on 24 Nov 1776 in Rhinebeck, Dutchess, NY. (1) Sponsors Cornees Schermerhorn and Jannetjen Heermans.
child404 ii. Cornelius SCHERMERHORN was baptized on 21 May 1780 in Mt. Ross, Dutchess, NY.(1) Sponsors Ryer Schermerhorn and Margery Knickerbocker.
child405 iii. Benjamin SCHERMERHORN was born on 9 Apr 1782. (1) He was baptized in Linlithgo, NY. (1) SponsorsBenjamin Knickerbocker, Jr. and Elizabeth Knickerbocker.
child406 iv. Jacob K. SCHERMERHORN was born on 28 Jun 1792. (1) He was baptized in Berne (Beaverdam), NY. (1) Sponsors Jan Post and Elisabeth ____.
child407 v. Jacob Dietz SCHERMERHORN was baptized on 6 Sep 1794 in Berne (Beaverdam), NY.(1) Sponsors John Jost Dietz and Eva.
child408 vi. Catharina SCHERMERHORN was born on 25 Jul 1800. (1) She was baptized in Berne (Beaverdam), NY. (1) Sponsors Jacob Saltzberger and wife, Catharina.

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