115. John DUTCHER was born on 5 Jan 1759 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT. (1) He died on 2 Dec 1848.(1) John Dutcher moved to Dover, N. Y., and thence to Cherry Valley, Otsego County, NY.

He was married to Sylvia BEARDSLEY on 17 May 1779. (1) Sylvia BEARDSLEY was born on 10 Oct 1763.(1) She died on 14 Jan 1844. (1) John DUTCHER and Sylvia BEARDSLEY had the following children:

child298 i. Elizabeth DUTCHER was born on 18 May 1780.(1) She died on 8 Jun 1780.(1)
child+299 ii. Christopher DUTCHER.
child+300 iii. Gabriel DUTCHER.
child+301 iv. Hannah DUTCHER.
child302 v. Johiel DUTCHER was born on 24 Apr 1787.(1) He died on 14 Jan 1822.(1)
child+303 vi. Sylvia DUTCHER.
child+304 vii. Sally DUTCHER.
child+305 viii. Pacefor Carr DUTCHER.
child+306 ix. Mary DUTCHER.
child307 x. John DUTCHER was born on 1 Dec 1797.(1) He died on 22 Mar 1859.(1)
child+308 xi. Keziah DUTCHER.
child+309 xii. Dr. Joseph N. DUTCHER.
child+310 xiii. Deborah White DUTCHER.

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