92. Harmon KNICKERBOCKER was born on 3 Jan 1741/42 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT. (1) He was baptized in Athens, NY.(1) Sponsors Herm. Knickerbocker and wife Catha. Birth date given as 13 Jan 1742. In addition to the children mentioned in their grandfather's will, Abraham and Lawrence are called children and heirs of Harmen Knickerbocker (Sharon Probate Records, Book G, p. 97).

He was married to Thankful. Harmon KNICKERBOCKER and Thankful had the following children:

child263 i. John KNICKERBOCKER was born on 15 Sep 1766 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT. (1)
child264 ii. Bartolomew KNICKERBOCKER.
child265 iii. Abraham KNICKERBOCKER.
child266 iv. Lawrence KNICKERBOCKER.
child267 v. Rachel KNICKERBOCKER. Lawrence and Rachel said to be twins.

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