1155. Jennie CHRISTIAN (10) was born on 1 Oct 1893. (10) She died on 3 Aug 1963. (10) She was buried in Walton, NY.

She was married to Floyd SIMMONS on 23 Dec 1910.(10) Floyd SIMMONS(10) was born on 29 Sep 1889.(10) He died in 1918. Jennie CHRISTIAN and Floyd SIMMONS had the following children:

child+1634 i. Elizabeth SIMMONS.
child1635 ii. Marion SIMMONS (Private).

She was married to Gusse WOLCOTT on 27 Oct 1919. Gusse WOLCOTT (10) was born on 15 Nov 1880 in Fishes Eddy, NY. (10) He died on 24 Oct 1954 in Walton, NY. (10) He was buried in Walton, NY. Jennie CHRISTIAN and Gusse WOLCOTT had the following children:

child+1636 i. Howard WOLCOTT.
child1637 ii. Mary WOLCOTT(10) was born on 7 Apr 1922.(10) She died on 27 Apr 1925.
child+1638 iii. Barbara WOLCOTT.

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