Published Genealogies

The following Knickerbocker Family genealogies have graciously been provided as a aid to your family research. Please contact the authors directly with corrections, comments, etc.  

I know of no substantiated family facts prior to 1680. Please refer to the Kathylene Viele work for discussions on the early family history. Please remember that primary source references are the hallmark of a lasting genealogy.

Knickerbocker Unified Genealogy - This database contains all the previously published individual genealogies. This is a family wide work in progress and all are invited to join in this super jig saw puzzle.

Dr. William B. Van Alstyne published the first authoritative family genealogy in 1908. It is now presented here with an index of pedigreed individuals. 707 Knickerbockers and spouses are included. This work is still the "starting point" for anyone tackling the Knickerbocker family.

The following lines are for family branches that have not been tied to the immigrant ancestor:

Dave Knickerbocker of Oviedo, FL provides the latest information on the Great Alvin Hunt. Please refer to Dave's query.

Jim Myers  is working the H.J., Lawrence, Cornelius line.

Norma Moberg is descended from Peter Knickerbocker, born July 1788

The genealogies are made web ready in Family Origins 7.0. I will publish any other Knickerbocker Genealogy here to have a central collection and viewing point for all these works. The webs can be updated in a few minutes as more information is found by the author. The only correspondence required is E-mailing an attached updated Gedcom file here to East Hartford.

Please send in what you have as others searching the same lines will certainly be in contact with you with additions, corrections and questions. It is the best query that money can buy. Several folks working the same line can collaborate on a unified genealogy.

Please respond with comments, criticism and novel ideas on this effort. This is a new way of disseminating this type of information and feedback is not only welcomed but really needed - Howard

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