Mansion Restoration

The Knickerbocker Historical Society is in the process of restoring the ancient Family Mansion at Schaghticoke, NY. Over $400,000 has been raised to date to save this unique example of early Dutch architecture. The site provides an unique rallying point for all Knickerbockers, as the site was originally settled by the family around 1700.

The Society is presently seeking support to restore the 30 windows in the mansion, at a cost of $60,000. Any financial support is most welcome and appreciated, as a matching grant has been applied for.

Please contact:

or E-mail Stana Iseman of the Society at:

Mansion Winter Picture - New Roof  Installed  (62K)

Mansion - May 1997 - Mother's Day (64K)

Post Card View - 1985 - Old Front Porch (131K)

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