1850 Census Every Person Index
(Last Updated 25 April 1998)

Several Knickerbocker family history buffs are trying to catalog every Knickerbocker in the 1850 Federal Census. The effort is about 85% complete. This census is very important as a finding aid for family research, as it was the first to list not only the Head of Household (HOH), but every family member by name, age and state of birth. Many HOH indexes exist, but the census microfilm for the individual counties must be searched and the family information extracted to complete this Knickerbocker every name index.

The following 2 lists which present the data in different formats are in (1) alphabetical order by Knickerbocker first name and (2) By Family Group / Census Location to identify relations in the same family and census area. All Knickerbockers are identified by a unique family number identification which is carried through both listings. Comments are solicited to improve the usefullness of these indexes. If the microfilm information has been extracted, the individuals age and place of birth will be listed.

Due to the many variations in the spelling of Knickerbocker, some 1850 listings have almost certainly been missed. Some Knickerbockers were living with other families and therefore were not enumerated as a Head of Household. If you have additions or corrections, please contact me. If you can help in reading microfilm from your area or you already have extracted information, again, please contact me. Please review the attached list of 1850 counties to see those which have already been searched. Many thanks - Howard.

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