Knickerbocker Cemetery at Schaghticoke, NY

A short distance north west of the family mansion at Schaghticoke is located the Knickerbocker Cemetery. Its possible that the original home site at Schaghticoke was in much closer proximity to the burying ground than the present mansion. Johannes I, son of Harmen Jansen and original settler is buried here, but his stone may have been stolen. I've seen references to early wooden markers in this yard, but they no longer exist.

The cemetery is surrounded by a masonry wall and is in excellent condition. Many of the marble stones are being destroyed by the acid rain and the severe weather of New York state is taking its toll on all the markers. Hopefully, someone in the Schaghticoke vicinity who is handy with a camera will record the remaining stones. I'd be happy and honored to publish them all here. The Knickerbocker virtual cemetery.

 Cemetery  layout #1. Recorded in 1977.  This is from a hand drawn picture given out at the mansion and is best downloaded and printed because of its size. Thanks to volunteers Carolyn Roberts & Judy Hoag. File size = 132K

 Cemetery layout #2. This is a later hand drawing of the cemetery.  File size = 33K.

  Headstone of Susan (DeRidder) Knickerbocker.

   Headstone of Louise, Susan's daughter.  View of cemetery entrance.

   1752 Headstone -

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